Event Bookmarks:
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2Call to Order
115Prayer - Associate Pastor Chris Hively, Faith Baptist Church
115Pledge of Allegiance
5Approval of Minutes
6Approval of Agenda
8Veterans Day
10Check Presentation - Stan Nichols, Tax Collector
11Check Presentation - Don Spencer, Clerk of Courts
12Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
139:30 AM Public Hearings
14Proposed ordinance related to posting of signs on Navarre Beach and Navarre Causeway Bridge prohibit...
15Proposed vacation of alleyway between the two properties in Avalon Beach owned by Ronald P. Hooks an...
16Proposed vacation of alleyway located on Jubilee Drive as requested by Jonathan Sparks and Carla Wil...
17Consent Agenda
18Economic Development Committee ‐ Salter and Parker
19Wetland Conservation Easement Designation for Whiting Aviation Park
20Project Lionheart
21Administrative Committee ‐ Parker and Salter
224-H Field Education Facility Construction
23RESTORE Pot 1 - Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park Restoration
24RESTORE Grant Award - Dirt Road Paving Districts 1, 4, 5
25RESTORE Spill Impact Component-State Expenditure Plan Amendment
26Resilient Program Grant (RPG) Amendment No. 2
27Metron Estates Drainage Project - Flood Mitigation Assistance Program Application
28Metron Estates Drainage Project - Property Acquisition and Easements
29Legend Creek Sanitary Sewer Project Final Change Order #7
30Camden Drive Drainage Phase II
31Settlers Colony Drainage Expansion - Time Extension Modification
32Ranchettes Drainage Project
33L.E.A.D. Park Management Agreement Addendum
34Event Requests
35Advertising for Public Hearing
36Engineer's Report
37Arbor Place - Phase 1 - Final Plat
38Navarre Beach Pier Renovation Construction Services - Atkins North America, Inc.
39Chumuckla Highway & Education Drive - Signal Warrant Analysis - Atkins North America, Inc.
40Kassandra Estates - Final Plat
41Medlin Preserve - Preliminary Plat
42Medlin Preserve - Construction Plans
43Navarre Beach Restroom Replacement - Construction Contract Award
44Kassandra Estates - Paved Road, Drainage and Maintenance
45Public Services Committee ‐ Cole and Piech
46Approval Request to FDOT - Advance Funding with Reimbursement to Santa Rosa County
47Skyline Fire Request
48Veterinarian Services - Contract Renewal
49East Milton Fire Dept - Land Acquisition
50Public Works Committee ‐ Lynchard and Cole
51Lightning Policy
52Paved Road & Drainage Maintenance Acceptance - Savannah Plantation
53Fidelis Park Improvements
54Revision to the Public Works Capital Equipment List
55District 1 Gas Tax Road Resurfacing
56District 1 LOST Resurfacing
57Budget & Financial Management Committee ‐ Piech and Lynchard
58Procurement Item - Class 8 Dump Truck
59Procurement Item - Western Star 4900SF Tractor with Lowboy Trailer
60Procurement Policy Revision
61Courthouse Financing
62Budget Amendment 2019-192 Debt Service
63Budget Amendment 2019-193 Little Duck
64Budget Amendment 2019-194 LOST
65Budget Amendment 2019 - 195 Pace Crossroads
66Budget Amendment 2019 - 196 Navarre Youth Sports Association
67Budget Amendment 2019 - 197 Medical Examiner Fund
68Budget Amendment 2019 - 198 District IV Master Plan Carry Forward
69Budget Amendment 2019 - 199 Berrydale VFD Rescue Truck Carry Forward
70Budget Amendment 2019 - 200 Pace Water Contribution
71Budget Amendment 2020 - 017 District Recreation LOST Funds Carry Forward
72Budget Amendment 2020 - 018 Public Information Office Carry Forward
73Budget Amendment 2020 - 019 Bernath MSBU Carry Forward
74Budget Amendment 2020 - 020 Miracle League Project Carry Forward
75Budget Amendment 2020 - 021 Engineering Services Carry Forward
76Budget Amendment 2020 - 022 Holley-By-The-Sea/Sunrise Drive/East Bay Blvd. Carry Forward
77Budget Amendment 2020 - 023 Spencer Field Traffic Improvements Carry Forward
78Budget Amendment 2020 - 024 Benny Russel Park Expansion Carry Forward
79Budget Amendment 2020 - 025 Katie Ridge Drainage Structures Carry Forward
80Budget Amendment 2020 - 026 Pace Library Expansion Carry Forward
81Budget Amendment 2020 - 027 NB Marine Park Snorkel Reef Educational Project Carry Forward
82Budget Amendment 2020 - 028 Navarre Beach Utility Carry Forward
83Budget Amendment 2020 - 029 Peter Prince/Industrial Park Lift Carry Forward
84Budget Amendment 2020 - 030 Beach Re-nourishment Fund Carry Forward
85Budget Amendment 2020 - 031 Tom King Bayou Pedestrian Bridge Carry Forward
86Budget Amendment 2020 - 032 Peter Prince Airport Improvement Plan Carry Forward
87Budget Amendment 2020 - 033 Peter Prince Airport Design Carry Forward
88Budget Amendment 2020 - 034 Peter Prince T-Hangar Project Carry Forward
89Budget Amendment 2020 - 036 Pea Ridge Connector Carry Forward
90Budget Amendment 2020 - 037 Navarre Beach Pier Renovation Carry Forward
91Budget Amendment 2020 - 038 Peter Prince T-Hangar Design and Construction Carry Forward
92Budget Amendment 2020 - 039 Camden Drive Phase 1 Project Carry Forward
93Budget Amendment 2020 - 040 Navarre Beach Restrooms Carry Forward
94Budget Amendment 2020 - 041 Defense Infrastructure Grant
95Budget Amendment 2020 - 042 NYSA Field House Addition Carry Forward
96Budget Amendment 2019 - 043 District IV Rec Fund Refund from NYSA Project
97Budget Amendment 2020 - 044 District V Rec Fund Refund Tiger Park Roadway
98Budget Amendment 2020 - 045 Districts I & III Refund Santa Rosa Sportsplex
99Budget Amendment 2020 - 046 Santa Rosa Sportsplex Carry Forward
100Budget Amendment 2020 - 047 Santa Rosa County AGRI-PLEX
101Budget Amendment 2020 - 048 RESTORE Act Oyster Habitat Carry Forward
102Check Register
103Regular Agenda
104Economic Development Committee
105Administrative Committee
106Advisory Board/Committee Policies and Procedures
107Meeting List
108Engineer's Report
109Nature's Cove - Phase 2 - Construction Plans
110Public Services Committee
111Public Works Committee
112Budget & Financial Management Committee
113Budget Amendment 2020 - 035 Metron Estates Drainage Project Carry Forward
114Public Forum